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1. Westeros

1.1 History
1.2 GeographyMap of Westeros
—1.2a Beyond the Wall
—1.2b The North
—1.2c The Iron Islands
—1.2d The Vale
—1.2e The Riverlands
—1.2f The Westerlands
—1.2g The Reach
—1.2h The Stormlands
—1.2i The Crownlands
—1.2j Dorne

King’s Landing

1.3 The Red Keep
—1.3a The King, Alphonse Felegris II
—1.3b The Queens
—1.3c The Small Council
—1.3d The Kingsguard
—1.3e The Blood Knights

1.4 The Night’s Watch
—1.4a The Wall
—1.4b Lord Commander, Arther “Bones” Rosby
—1.4c Master of Ships, Granger Greyjoy

The Free Cities


1.5 Player Characters
—1.5a Atric Waters
—1.5b Erasmus Byron
—1.5c Liam Madson

Main Page

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