Atric Waters


0 XP | 10 SpXP
Age: 37
Height: 6’4"
Gender: Male
House: Night’s Watch
Destiny Points: 2/6


Agility: 3
Animal Handling: 2
Athletics: 5 (Climb 2B)
Awareness: 2
Cunning: 3
Deception: 2
Endurance: 5 (Stamina 2B)
Fighting: 3 (Bludgeoning 2B)
Healing: 2
Language: Common 3
Knowledge: 2
Marksmanship: 2
Persuasion: 3 (Charm 3B +2)
Status: Watch 4, otherwise 2
Stealth: 1
Survival: 2
Thievery: 1
Warfare: 2
Will: 4


Intrigue Defense: 9/7
Composure: 12
Combat Defense: 8
Health: 15



Blood of Valyria: Add 2 to the results of every Intimidate test and Persuasion test you take. Whenever you are attacked by fire or heat, increase your passive Endurance by 2. Finally, before engaging in an intrigue, your Status counts as one rank higher for the purposes of influencing a target without fully engaging in an intrigue.
Brother of the Night’s Watch: Builder: You derive the full effects from being a member of the Night’s Watch. Take –2D on all Status tests (House rule: Only if they are aware you are in the Night’s Watch). You regain any destiny points invested in Heir or Head of House and lose these benefits if you have them. Whenever you earn Coin or Glory, you may not invest them into your house, but may invest them into your division. Finally, you gain an additional benefit based on your order.
—Builder: (House rule: Instead of Trade benefit, receive Knowledge Focus in Architecture.)
Dutiful: Your opponents take a -1D on all Persuasion checks made to influence you involving Convince, Intimidate, or Seduce.
Charismatic: Charm: Choose one Persuasion specialty. Add 2 to the test result of any Persuasion test involving that specialty. You may choose this benefit multiple times. Each time, choose a new specialty.
Magnetic: Whenever you defeat a foe using Charm, that foe’s disposition increases by a number of steps equal to the number of bonus dice you invested in Charm (3 steps).
Massive: You can wield Two-handed weapons in one hand, and you may ignore the Unwieldy quality of these weapons (if any). (House rule: Charismatic cancels out Massive’s force Intimidate in Intrigues)
Knowledge Focus: Choose one area of expertise from the following: alchemy, architecture, astronomy, geography, heraldry, history and legends, magic, nature, religion, or underworld. You treat any bonus dice assigned to the specialty as test dice. You may select this quality multiple times. Each time, select a new area of expertise.
Architecture encompasses anything and everything related to the subject of building. With this ability, you could assess the defense of a fortification, the quality of a bridge, and gain an advantage when sapping a wall.


Bastard-born: As a bastard, you take –1D on all Persuasion tests when interacting with characters with a higher Status (House rule: Only if opponent is aware you are a bastard.)
Honor-bound: You must reroll all 6s on Deception tests and take the second roll, even if it’s worse than the first roll.
Naive: You take a –3 penalty to Intrigue Defense against Deception tests.


25 SS
Armor, Ring — Black
Warhammer, common
Dagger, common
Tent, soldier’s
Northern garb — Black
Ivory Comb


Just before being taken into the household of King Hereford I Felegris, Aegon Targaryen (third of his name), age thirteen, meets with his lifelong friend Violet (daughter of the steward Arther), whom he had loved. They spend an intimate night together before parting forever, as Aegon would not be allowed outside of the Red Keep for the rest of his life. Unknown to Aegon, Violet conceives that night. Nine months later, while living in the nearby village of Rosby with her father, Violet dies giving birth to Aegon’s bastard son Atric Waters. After her death, Arther, at the time only thirty, begins to raise the child as his own in the hopes that Atric will someday take the throne back.

Three years later, after Alphonse I ascends to the throne, rumors start circulating that there will be a purge of House Targaryen. Arther flees to the Night’s Watch with the young Atric and joins, leaving Atric to be brought up as if he were a foundling, unaware of his heritage for his own safety. At the age of fifteen, Atric joins the Night’s Watch, eventually becoming a Builder. As an officer, he distinguishes himself through his construction skills, helping to improve some of the fortifications on the forts, and proves to have a good eye for finding potential Builders among recruits.

Atric’s appearance is striking. He shares the typical Targaryen silver hair and angular features, but has dark brown eyes rather than the typical purple. He is missing the third and fourth fingers on his left hand due to frostbite, and bears a long scar across his cheek from an accident with a falling sliver of ice when he was twenty.

Atric Waters

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