The Small Council

The Small council is small group of advisers, which advise the King on matters of policy and their areas of expertise. It is not known when the first small council assembled, but it was in all likelihood during the reign of the early Targaryen kings. The Council is headed by the king and he is the only one who can make the council’s decisions into law. In his absence the role falls to the Hand of the King or the Regent if the king is too young.

The Council members are appointed and dismissed by the king as he wills, a right freely used during times of war and strife. However, it seems that traditionally the council consists of seven permanent members, after the Andal traditions and the Faith of the Seven, with reserved positions for:

  • Hand of the King
  • Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
  • Master of Coin – Head of the Treasury and finances of the kingdom.
  • Master of Laws – Oversees the Laws & Justice system for the Kingdom.
  • Master of Whisperers – The spymaster, is the head of intelligence.
  • Master of Ships – Oversees the navy.
  • Grand Maester – head adviser on matter lore and wisdom.

Alphonse II has added a new position, known as Master of Amusement. This person organizes banquets, balls, tournaments, etc in the King’s name.

Although a council seems to always have these Seven members, it may include additional members as the king sees fit.

The current small council has 12 members:

  • Loran Stark, The Hand
  • Ignatius Slynt, Lord Commander of the Kingsguard
  • Rudolph Chyttering, Master of Coin
  • Cirus Vance, Master of Laws
  • Ferdinand Lightfoot, Master of Whisperers
  • Tybault Lannister, Master of Ships
  • Olivier Lannister, Master of Amusement
  • Grand Maester Belmanar
  • Eustacia Felegris, Alphonse’s eldest sister
  • Delphina Felegris, Alphonse’s second eldest sister
  • Celine Felegris, Alphonse’s third eldest sister
  • Beatrice Felegris, Alphonse’s fourth eldest sister

The Small Council

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