The Queens

Olivia Rosby, deceased
Reign: 164AL – 169AL

Eleanor Butterwell, deceased
Reign: 169AL – 171AL

Matilde Carron, deceased
Reign: 172AL

Sylvia Arryn, deceased
Reign: Early 173AL to Mid 173AL

Jonquil Stark, deceased
Reign: Never married, lived with the king from 173AL to 175AL

Idris Blacktyde, status unknown
Reign: 175AL

Brigitte Lannister
Reign: TBD, Marriage set for mid 176AL
Locks of pure golden thread crown this famed beauty, falling in gentle waves to the small of her back. Her eyes are a breathtaking flash of green sea foam. Brigitte is the pride of the Lannisters, her impeccable breeding rendering out the best qualities of the Lannisters and the Gardeners — her mother’s family. She is tall, but not so tall she would overshadow the King. She is thin, but not so thin as to look sickly or underfed. Her breasts are firm and high, but not so big as to appear vulgar. Her hips are wide for child-bearing, but are able to be flattered in any style of dress. In a word, she is perfect; a lioness and delicate flower combined.
Knights across Westeros have taken part in tournaments in Brigitte’s honor since she was 13, she was even proclaimed the Queen of Love and Beauty at the King’s tournament in honor of his marriage to Idris Blackyde.

The Queens

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