Pentos is one of the Free Cities. It lies on a bay off the narrow sea, with the Velvet Hills and Ghoyan Drohe to the east. It is a port city.


Pentos has square, brick towers. Most of the roofing is done in tiles. There is a large red temple in Pentos.


Pentos is ruled by a prince and magisters. The prince is chosen from the forty families and has a mostly ceremonial function, presiding over balls and feasts. Three heralds travel with him, the golden scales of trade, the iron sword of war and the silver scourge of justice. On the first day of every new year, the Prince must deflower the maid of the fields and the maid of the seas. When the Pentoshi believe the gods are angry at them, such as a loss in a war or a crop failure, they sacrifice the prince by cutting his throat to appease the gods and then choose a new prince from amongst the forty families.


There is no slavery allowed in the city according to the terms of the treaty imposed by Braavos one hundred years ago. This does not stop some of the wealthier citizens from keeping them. According to semi-canon sources, Pentoshi citizens dye, oil and fork their beards.


Pentos main exports are cheese, brandy, beeswax products, honey, spices (mainly dried peppers, peppercorns, coriander, and caraway), dyes, and dried fruit (mainly raisins, dates, and figs).

Pentos main imports include textiles, tea, iron, and perfume.

Pentos is also imports illegal slaves, and exports a large amount of opium.


Beginning at the west, at the water front, and heading east.

- “Hydrargyrum Portus,” Quicksilver Bay

The port of Pentos.

- “Foro Quadratum,” The Square Market

The open air marketplace in Pentos, just off the docks of Quicksilver Bay.

- “Divervocum,” Sailor’s Street.

The inns and brothels closest to the bay where foreign traders and travelers tend to stay. Owners of these institutions are more likely to speak at least a little of your language. This area surrounds three sides of Foro Quadratum.

- “Venit Lezdam” and “Ire Lezdam,” Import customs and export customs.

Located, respectively, to the north and south of the square.

- “Luto Loco,” Dirt Square.

Home to the seedier brothels, inns, and shops in Pentos. The slums. Many of the gangs and thieving groups of Pentos have their headquarters here.

- “Dulce Loco,” Sweet Square

The homes and of the many dye mixers, beekeepers and fruit mongers in Pentos. The upper-middle class peoples. The Public Forum and Court of Pentos are located here.

- “Aromata Loco,” Spice Square

The homes of the many spicers, brandy brewers, and cheese mongers in Pentos. The upperclass people. Also the homes of the forty noble families. A great, luxurious spring-fed bathhouse sits in the center of Aromata.

“Sacra Loco,” Sacred Square

Home of the sacred temple of R’hllor, as well as smaller temples of different denominations. Also where Pentos’ library and university are located.

- “Orto Porta,” The Sunrise Gate

The Sunrise Gate allows the traveler to exit the city to the east, in the direction of the Rhoyne.

- “Subterra”

The black market. Unknown location.


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