King's Landing

City Gates

Seven is a sacred number in Westeros, thus the reason Aegon the Conquerer had seven huge gates built which are the entrances into the capital of King’s Landing each of these gates is protected by portcullis, heavy doors and armed guard.

  • Dragon Gate.
  • Iron Gate.
  • Old Gate.
  • Gate of the Gods.
  • River Gate, known as the Mud Gate by the population of the city.
  • Lion Gate.
  • King’s Gate.

Notable Locations

  • The Red Keep, the royal castle located on top of Aegon’s Hill.
  • The Great Sept of Hereford, where the Most Devout convene with the High Septon. It is the holiest sept of the Seven. It is located on Visenya’s Hill.
  • The Dragonpit, a huge dome, now collapsed, that used to hold the Targaryen dragons. It is currently used to hold circuses. It is found on Rhaenys’s Hill. The Street of Sisters runs between it and the Great Sept of Hereford.
  • The Alchemist’s Guildhall, beneath Rhaenys’s Hill, stretching right to the foot of Visenya’s Hill, along the Street of Sisters. Beneath it is where the Alchemists create and store the wildfire.
  • Flea Bottom, slum area of King’s Landing, a downtrodden area of town. It has pot-shops along the alleys where one can get a ‘bowl o’ brown.’ It has a stench of pigsties and stables, tanner’s sheds mixed in the smell of winesinks and whorehouses.

Streets, Squares and other

The Street of Sisters, near the foot of Visenya’s Hill. One can find the Guildhall of the Alchemists upon it. It runs straight as an arrow between the hills of Rhaenys and Visenya, from which it gets its name.

  • The Street of Steel, where most smiths have their forges. It begins on the market square beside the River Gate and climbs up Visenya’s hill. The higher up one goes, the more expensive the shops.
    The Street of Flour, along which numerous bakeries may be found. Below the street lies a maze of twisting alleys and cross streets.
    The Street of Silk, a street lined with brothels of varying expense.
    Eel Alley, located on Visenya’s Hill. An inn may be found here.
    Pigrun Alley, enclosed by tall timber-and-stone buildings whose upper stories lean out so far over the streets that they nearly touch those of the buildings across from them.
    Shadowblack Lane, a twisty lane that begins at the northern gate of the Red Keep and winds its way down to the foot of Aegon’s High Hill.
    Reeking Lane, a street full of apprentices.
    Muddy Way, a street that begins at Fishmonger’s Square.
    Sowbelly Row – street
    Pisswater Bend, a street which is probably located in the Flea Bottom area.
    Street of Seeds – street
    Coppersmith’s Wynd – street
    River Row – street
    The Hook – street
    Cobbler Square
    Fishmonger’s Square – located near the Mud Gate.

King's Landing

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