Name: Arther Rosby
Titles: Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch
Nicknames: Bones
Age: 67
Physical appearance: The years have worn on Arther. His once tall, sinewy body has wasted into a gaunt ghost of its former appearance, earning him the friendly nickname of Bones among his brothers. His shoulder-length hair is grey and unkempt, but his wide mustache is impeccably trimmed. His eyes are so dark they could be mistaken for pits.

As a young man Arther was Master of Coin and close friend of Aegon II, and was therefore considered a main threat when the Purge began. Arther fled to the Night’s Watch and said the vows within hours of arriving at the Lord Commander’s door, breathless and haggard. The Blood Knights followed his trail, but his new-found neutrality as a Crow saved his life.

In the agonizing two-month flight from King’s Landing to The Wall, Arther’s hair had turned grey and he developed the skeletal appearance he would have for the rest of his life.

As Arther was already versed in the ways of the sword and able to read and write and do arithmetic with ease, he quickly rose through the ranks of stewardship. Despite his ordeal — or, perhaps, because of it — Arther became very upbeat and lighthearted, often lounging in the common room laughing the loudest of all his brothers, who endowed him with the name Bones. When Lord Commander Royce passed away Arther was the natural choice to fill the void.

The Night’s Watch has flourished under Arther’s command, as Arther seems to be able to produce coin out of thin air. He has renovated all open forts and has made plans to reconstruct and man another three castles before he dies. However, unfortunately, the recent winter was much longer than projected and the Watch has suffered many casualties from incident, exposure, illness, and starvation. With spring just clearing the horizon, Arther has his chin up and is ready to get back into the swing of things, sending out recruiters and ravens to the Great Houses requesting aid.

After the Purge, some of the Rosby family came out of hiding when Alphonse II married his childhood friend, Olivia Rosby — incidentally, Arther’s niece.


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