Alphonse Felegris

Alphonse Felegris II

King of Westeros

Full Name: Alphonse Felegris Second of His Name.
Titles: King of the Andals and the First Men; Lord of Westeros; Protector of the Realm
Nicknames: Queenmaker; The cursed.
House sigil: A snarling grey shadowcat with yellow eyes on a field of Black, trimmed with grey; Crowned.
Age: 34
Physical appearance: Alphonse is described as being a handsome, tall, sinewy man with pale skin and rich, dark hair that falls below his ears. He is said to have the same yellow eyes as the beast on his shield. His facial hair changes as his wives change, as seen in wedding announcement portraits. In his latest paintings with Brigitte he is depicted with a goatee.



Alphonse married his first wife, Olivia Rosby, at age 22. She was betrothed to him as a baby, and was moved to court as a toddler to bond with the prince. Olivia and Alphonse grew to be quite fond of one another and soon after her first flowering, at the age of 15, they were wed. Olivia was well-loved by the people, and often spent days walking through the dingy public streets of King’s Landing chatting with the commoners. Olivia was a small, thin girl, and stayed ever so, even as a flowered woman she still looked a waifish preteen. She had been sickly all her life, and after 5 years of happy, yet childless marriage she succumbed to her illness and passed away.

The mourning period for the much beloved Queen Olivia was cut short at a mere five months before Alphonse found himself married to his second wife, Eleanor (first daughter of Lord Willis of House Butterwell). She was 16, full of health and youth and hope for an heir. The realm acted as if Olivia never existed, as did Alphonse. He showered his young bride with all the gifts and affection of a newlywed romantic, and after a year she became pregnant with Alphonse’ first child. The realm rejoiced as Alphonse threw tournaments and festivals in the name of his unborn child. Unfortunately, both Eleanor and the babe, a boy, died in childbirth.

After another short mourning period, Alphonse married his third wife, Matilde (first daughter of Lord James of House Carron). She had just turned 16, and was just about to be married to another man when her father broke the marriage contract and offered Alphonse her hand. She quickly became swollen with child, but, just as quickly, she lost the baby in frightening, bloody miscarriage. The ordeal haunted Matilde, and she spent months weeping in her bed. She began hallucinating and talking to herself. Her episodes of madness became so frequent and violent she had to be given large doses of milk of the poppy to keep her sedated. One morning the maester came in to give her a dose, only to find her dead. She had been holding the liquid in her cheek until the maester left the room, only to spit it into a pitcher. Once enough accumulated she drank it all, killing herself.

Alphonse began courting his fourth wife, Sylvia, while Matilde was indisposed. She was a handmaiden to his wife and often came to him in the night to comfort him in his distress at Matilde’s condition. Sylvia, age 22, was the third daughter of Lord Valentine of house Arryn. She is the widow of Sir Gyles Gardener, famed knight of House Gardener, who was old and gouty when they wed. Alphonse was trying to get the High Septon to annul his marriage to Matilde so that he could marry Sylvia. However, he did not need to wait for an answer as Matilde committed suicide. They were married immediately and spent much of their time making love. A few months into their marriage, on Alphonse’s birthday, he arrived in the early morning to his wife’s chambers as a surprise, and gift to himself. What he found was Sylvia in bed with another man, Philip Gardener, her nephew by marriage. Alphonse cancelled his birthday tournament in favor of a public beheading.

Loran Stark, The Hand, believed what the king needed was a girl not yet broken in, who was better bred, more pious, and willing to bend to the king’s will. And so Jonquil, second daughter Lord Rickard of House Stark, and The Hand’s niece, a girl of 12, was brought to court. They were to be married upon her flowering. Alphonse took to her immediately, extending to her an almost paternal affection. In the short days of Jonquil, Alphonse could often be seen on the battlements looking down on the yard with a smile, watching the little Jonquil picking flowers or riding a pony. Alphonse seemed at peace once again, and the break between wives was much welcome. While out hawking one lovely afternoon a tragic accident occurred: Jonquil’s new horse, Lady Grey, a gift from Alphonse, bucked her off when a wild boar frightened her. Jonquil broke her neck and died instantly. Though they were never married, she is still known as Alphonse’s fifth wife.

The light had left Alphonse’s life. He became bitter and short tempered, he had Lady Grey butchered and fed to stray dogs. But, at the pressing of The Hand, and still without an heir, he married once again. Idris (first daughter of Lord Godry of House Blacktyde) was 16, docile and naive, and had come into Alphonse’s life at the worst possible time. He was prone to fits of rage, though he never hit Idris, she was always trembling in fear of him. The King became reclusive, and Idris felt the the pain of his neglect. The court whispered that the King lacked interest in her because she was rather plain, but still he did his duty. After a year with few sexual encounters, Idris finally became pregnant. One morning she turned up missing, and a handmaiden broke down and admitted the Queen had run off to the free cities to raise her child on her own, out of fear that the King’s rages would turn violent. The confessor was pardoned, but the rest of Idris’s handmaidens were imprisoned for treason on account of conspiracy against the crown and they were sentenced to death. The search for Idris and the King’s heir continues even to this day.

Seventh, to be
The High Septon agreed to the annulment of Alphonse’s marriage to Idris, on account of her treason. Currently the King is courting Brigitte (first daughter of Lord Tybault of House Lannister), age 18. The Hand has been organizing tournaments and festivals all around Westeros in the name of Brigitte’s youth and extraordinary beauty. His cynicism that spoiled his last marriage seems washed away, though he retains his short temper. He is often seen public joking and laughing with the lady Brigitte; in fact, their whole courtship has done within sight of the public eye. The whole realm seems to love Brigitte and the new found youth in Alphonse.

Popular Opinion

General consensus of the realm is that Alphonse’s short time between marriages are both a pressure from the council to produce an heir and a way for him to forget Olivia, who he and the people of Westeros truly loved. In some darker, damper parts of Westeros (namely taverns and brothels) they believe that Alphonse is just like any other man, and loves a sweet young cunt. And in just a few whispered ears is the rumor that his father Alphonse I made a deal with a hedgewitch to produce a male heir (as his four other children are daughters), but at the cost that his son would never have a son of his own, or find true happiness in love. All in all, the realm, or at least those who care enough to keep tabs on King’s Landing, take pity on poor king Alphonse, but that doesn’t keep them from feeling the pains of a poorly governed realm. The people starve while the king feasts and weds & beds a new girl every other year.

Alphonse Felegris

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