Granger Greyjoy


Name: Granger Greyjoy
Title: Master of Ships
House: Formerly of Greyjoy; The Night’s Watch
Age: Looks to be in his mid-50’s.
Physical appearance: An older gentleman weathered by years at sea. He’s very strong despite his age, though his skin is sagging and flecked with sunspots. His hair is close cut, but not well kept and, though he shaves daily, his 5 o’clock shadow is more like 2 o’clock shadow.

Granger is definitely what you’d call rough around the edges, but he’s a nice enough gent once you get to know him — if he likes you. Granger was born in the Iron Islands and is definitely Iron Born (To keep it short, they’re very viking-like — Seafaring pillagers. However, under the King’s law all who are caught doing so are punished. Raids still occur, but usually on small, unimportant villages). Granger does not volunteer information in regards to how he came to the Wall, but there was a large, well-known raid on the city of Crakehall about six months prior to his arrival. He has been at the Wall for 16 years.

He is a very private man, and has very few friends. He does not warm to others easily and finds most of his Brothers weak and shameful. However, those who he has bonded with — Generally men who have proved themselves in battle, either in or out of the Watch — he treats as kin.

Granger Greyjoy

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